Product for people who seek a sense of independence no one can take away.
We purely consider the target objective as untitled to escape the tyranny of the eyes (not prioritizing the information that comes in through the eyes).
In this way, we can express our most solid identity in the fashion world which constantly has been tainted by trends.
Deciphering the creative work is not the most important part.
Selecting in unstable thoughts without narrowing the focus is what makes everyday life, and therein lies the elegance that transcends race. 
The essence of the brand is to create new basics with each passing season, and impact the wearer’s attitude.
This cannot be realized through the mere habit of seeking after a drug-like stimulus brought by rationalization or pursuing the gear-like aspects.
It creates a crowning point of emotions and sensations that rise and fall by the shared longing for design.
Also, spiritual minimalism can be achieved by giving the distorted perceptions a second thought.
Spiritual fulfillment can become something necessary in the form the sheer act of wearing a piece of cloth to expressing how society views us through fashion.